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Social Media Management




Bridges Strategies manages your social media accounts across multiple platforms to ensure you reach the right people at the right time with shareable, engaging content. For millions of people, social media is where they share their thoughts, chat with friends, and find the latest news. With good social media management, you can be a part of their everyday life online.


Social Media Networks We Manage



Still the biggest social network around, Facebook is the social media home for over a billion people. While 18-34 year olds still make up the majority of Facebook users, the 65+ crowd is the fastest growing demographic, with a growth rate of 15%. Facebook continues to develop new tools to help businesses engage more directly with their fans.



Visually engaging, Instagram boasts more than 800 million people who use it each month, with a younger demographic and a vibrant artistic community. 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business on the platform, where high-quality branded content is seen as an asset, not a distraction. Businesses are increasingly taking advantage of specialized landing pages to help drive Instagram followers to their sites.



Twitter is the place to be for real-time updates and trending topics, with over 330 million active monthly users. Twitter is not only a go-to source for people seeking customer service, it’s a platform where brands themselves can become celebrities with the right combination of interesting and timely engagement.

Google Plus


While the active Google+ user community is smaller at around 34 million unique visitors each month, Google is still where people go to ask the internet a question, and Google+ results show up frequently in its results.

Why social media management?


Go where the people are. 

11 people start using social media every second, which is about 1 million new users every day. Many of them will join the more than 3 billion regular social media users around the world. Why wouldn’t you meet prospective clients where they’re already gathered?

Let your fans spread the news. 

The most retweeted tweet of all time (shared by over 3,000 people worldwide) wasn’t about a celebrity— it was an ordinary person’s response to a brand’s social media team. There are people who are enthusiastic about what you have to offer. Give them a platform to share it.

What is social media management?

Social media management involves creating and implementing a schedule of posts using a variety of content such as links, graphics, videos, text, and ads in order to engage customers and the public, as well as to reinforce your brand. It also encompasses keeping an eye out for social media mentions of your business or product across social media platforms and responding to both positive and negative reviews in a way that leaves people with a strong impression of your business. Above all, social media management is about representing your brand in the social spaces where people congregate online.

social media apps

Want to get started with social media prospecting?

Learn how to listen to what people are saying on social media in order to generate leads with our Social Media Prospecting Workbook so that you can quit cold calling and find the customers that really want to hear from you.



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